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Equestrian Center

Horseback Riding Vacations in the Fresno & Clovis, CA Area

Wonder Valley got its start as a working ranch near Fresno, so horses have always been an important aspect of life at Wonder Valley. The Wonder Valley Equestrian Center provides horses for horseback riding, trail riding, educational horsemanship classes, private lessons, and seasonal specialty camps with trained staff capable of guiding riders of all skill levels.

When you call to make your reservations for your next meeting or vacation getaway at Wonder Valley Ranch Resort, be sure to ask about adding Horseback Riding or our Equine Team Building Package to your stay.

Special Events

We have a variety of events from Massage and Trick Riding Clinics to Barrel Racing Events to Jumping Clinics and more! Wonder Valley is full of surprises and exciting horse adventures so check out our Calendar of Events!

Trail Rides

Enjoy a peaceful ride through the fields of Wonder Valley on horseback. Our well-trained Wranglers and great trail ride horses will take care of you and your safety while you get to live out your dreams of riding a horse. These are guided, walk-only, one hour trail rides through the beauty of Wonder Valley.

Basic Lessons

Individual Lessons
Basic lessons are for those who have dreamed of a personal relationship with a horse and want to gain the skills to be able to communicate with horses and ride them. Starting with the basics of safety and horse care, these lessons teach you how to get your horse ready and then learn to ride on your own; learn either with one lesson or through a series of lessons. After building your confidence and skill level, we have specialized lessons so you can continue to advance your riding skills! We have several options available for saving money on your lesson pricing. You can choose to book a casual lesson and receive a discount. Casual lessons will allow other individuals to book at the same time as you are with no more than 4 in a lesson group. If you would rather not have the option of anyone else in your group you can book an exclusive private lesson. If you are booking for more than 3 people you would want to choose the Group Lesson option below.
Group Lessons
Basic group lessons are for those who have dreamed of a personal relationship with a horse and want to gain the skills to be able to communicate with and ride them. These are designed for 4-H Students, Girl Scouts, School Groups or a large family who wants to book lessons together. Starting with the basics of safety and horse care, these lessons teach you how to get your horse ready and then learn to ride on your own; learn either with one lesson or through a series of lessons. After building your confidence and skill level, we have specialized group or private lessons so you can continue to advance your riding skills!

Specialized Lessons

Rodeo Lessons
If you are interested in gymkhanas, rodeos or just want to improve your skills at precision and speed, then rodeo lessons are for you! Barrels, poles, goat tying, roping, and other common events can be your focus. You can choose a singular lesson focused on a specific event, or you may purchase a package to hone your skills on one or multiple events. Wonder Valley also periodically hosts clinics in all of these disciplines to help you get the final details you need to improve your game. We even have Options for boys to practice on the bucking barrels to hone your calf or jr bull riding skills!

Trick Riding & Trick Roping Lessons

Trick riding lessons are for those who are dare devils while on horseback. If you have been watching Heartland and have always wanted to learn how to trick ride, then Wonder Valley Trick Lessons are for you. We have a professional trick rider on campus that has been trick riding since she was 7 years old! Lacee travels around the United States and does lessons, camps and performs as Rodeo Entertainment! Come give Wonder Valley a try for your next Adventure! We can also put on a trick riding show for you as Entertainment for your group!

Western Lessons
Western lessons start to prepare you for shows, reining, western dressage, trail courses, and ranch riding. Preparing for 4-H, FFA, and AQHA shows, learning how to get your horse to move properly through basic reining patterns, learning the basics of collection through western dressage, going through obstacles to prepare for trail courses and ranch work can all be focuses for these lessons. Whether a single lesson focused on one aspect of western riding or a package focused on one discipline or multiple we can customize a lesson package for you!
English Lessons
English lessons start to prepare you for 4-H shows, hunter/jumper, dressage, and enjoying your time with horses in an arena. English riding develops a lot of balance, precision, strength, and comes with the joys of connection, collection, and/or learning to jump your horse. Whether a single lesson focused on one aspect of English riding or a package focused on one specialization or multiple, we can work with you on your English dreams!

Group Specialized Lessons

We also offer specialized Group lessons in English, Rodeo, Western, or Trick Riding. We can format the lesson so that the entire group will be learning together and building confidence from each other. This option is great for clubs, teams, and friends looking to book a horse riding lesson together!

Arena Riding

Have your own horse? Come ride at Wonder Valley Ranch Resort! You can enjoy two outdoor arenas and a round pen as well as open riding on the trail systems in the area.

If you choose a monthly riding program, you will be able to participate in Time Only Tuesdays, Jumping days, or Roping days at no additional cost.
This will give you access to the large arena, the warm-up arena, and the round pen. Trails are designated by the homeowners association and you can ride them only if you are familiar with the trail systems in the area. There are also organized trail rides we are offering that you may be able to join.

Please reserve a time slot at the arena in advance prior to your arrival to ensure availability.

Welcome to Wonder Valley Equestrian Center!

Horse Lease

Lease your very own Wonder Valley horse and come ride anytime you want! Wonder Valley has some excellent horses to choose from: whether it’s a horse for beginners, a jumping horse, or well-trained rodeo, English and Western horses, we have something for everyone! The Horse Leases include riding lessons as well as free time. You may share a horse between several people/children or lease each their own horse!

Goat & Cow Cuddling 

We have a pen of wonderful cuddly cows and goats that change your mood. If you’re having a bad day and just need to take a break and be loved by animals, then this is for you! Reserve a 20 minute time slot to sit on a bench in the cuddling pen and enjoy animals that have no personal space boundaries and just want to be with you. Instant bad-mood relief!

Strengthen Your “Herd” Team Building With Horses

Horses are dynamic creatures that survive through teamwork; they can teach us much about team building, trust, communication, nonverbal cues, decision making, creativity, and leadership. Team building sessions help strengthen your “herd” through a series of team building exercises in the arena, facilitated by our equine partners.

As a challenge course, there are interactive activities that require cooperation and teamwork between the groups as they work toward their common goals with the horses. You will use the horses as a tool to help you accomplish your group’s goals. The horses, which are free in the space with you, help you learn to utilize them as a part of your life’s learning lesson. This is perfect for your corporate group that needs to work on trust, change, and empathy for each other. Any goal you have as a company or as a group can be better understood through the use of equine friends. Come to Wonder Valley and reach your goals together and, as a final accomplishment in our 4 hour session, you have the option to ride our equine friends on one of the scenic trails.

Therapeutic Equine Therapy

Peace in the pasture
Peace in the Pasture sessions are an opportunity to reconnect with nature and your soul, enjoy peace, and allow you to take the time to enjoy that place of wilderness in every person’s heart with animals in the pasture with you. Bring a yoga mat or blanket and join us for a story, then enjoy the tranquility of horses (or goats) around you as you reconnect to yourself and the world around you. Time one-on-one with the animals will wrap up your time to center you before you leave the pasture. We offer these in 30, 60 or 90 min sessions.
Individual Therapeutic Horsemanship Sessions
Therapeutic Horsemanship is a session for individuals that are able-bodied, who have trust issues or life goal focuses that would enjoy working through them while on horseback. Horsemanship lessons teach the basics of working with horses on the ground and physically riding from a therapeutic standpoint.
Life lessons, leadership qualities, communication, trust exercises, are incorporated into these lessons making these sessions more than just learning about how to ride a horse. While learning how to ride a horse, you will also learn how to communicate better with verbal and nonverbal cues, learning to trust yourself and to trust others, while developing the skills to be a leader wherever you go. Lessons are customized for all ages, life experiences, and goals.

Equine Assisted Riding

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Horsemanship Sessions and Hippotherapy can be offered if there is a certified therapist attending with the group or individual. Please contact us prior to booking these sessions.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is for groups or individuals that want to participate with their own mental health therapist or counselor to have an EAGALA Certified Equine Therapy session. These sessions take place on the ground with the horses and meet when the client is with their therapist or counselor. Customized for the individual, group, or family, these sessions take therapy outside of just talking and provide the safe space to interact and practice what the clients are learning by applying lessons and exploring the skills that they want to apply to their lives. These sessions are proven to have long lasting results and to take people to a deeper place than traditional talk therapy because of the interactive nature of working with the horse and the horses’ ability to mirror and bring out truth from all whom they guide.
Hippotherapy sessions allow physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathology professionals to bring individuals or groups for therapy while clients are riding horses. Horses provide different sensory opportunities; the rhythm and repetition of movement promotes healing, opens ways of communication, and provides different physical challenges that are only able to be utilized through a horse’s unique movement. Hippotherapy is beneficial for those who have cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, autism, traumatic brain injury, developmental delay, learning or language disabilities (Some Therapists may need side-walkers depending on the client’s needs).

Meet Your Instructors

Angela Schliesser

Angela grew up on a cattle ranch in Norther California and has worked cattle and horses her entire life. After growing up on a ranch, Angela continued her education in Montana at MSU, and went on to work in accounting, sales and management for many years. Angela has been working professionally in Alaska for the last 10 years.

While in Alaska, Angela was in charge of a few rodeo organizations, such as the AK IMRA, and was President and Secretary for AKHSRA. Angela taught her kids many competitive rodeo techniques and helped them develop their love and passion for the sport. All three of Angela’s children have qualified nationally for rodeo competitions. Her youngest two children are currently qualified to attend IMRA Nationals in Oklahoma this year as well as other national competitions next June in S. Dakota.

Angela loves teaching children and helping them to become the best competitor that they want to be. Angela has a strong passion for horses and teaching people who love to learn more about horses. She enjoys teaching the western way of life to people, has coached many organized team sports, and prides herself in organizational skills and structure to teach the youth all while having fun at the same time.

Lacee Schliesser

Lacee has many championships under her belt. At 13 years old Lacee has won more than 25 championship buckles and has traveled the US performing as a professional Trick Rider. Lacee has recently expanded her performance ability and is now expanded her performance into trick roping.
Lacee has several National Recognitions as well as uncountable Alaskan championship titles. Lacee loves animals and children. If given the choice, Lacee would choose to spend time with kids and horses over most any other event. She has a kind heart and beautiful soul that most people find refreshing for children her age.

Lacee has been trick riding since she was 7 yrs old and it’s her passion. She is inspired by the ladies at Riata Ranch International and trains with them each winter! Lacee has trained 4 of her own trick horses in the last 5 years and has knowledge and patience that most can only dream of. Lacee connects with horses on a level that is truly inspiring!

Michailia Massong

Michailia is a born and raised Alaskan who has dedicated her life to bettering herself as a horsewoman and sharing her passion with others. She is a licensed and insured riding instructor, loves leading Therapeutic Horsemanship, and is certified through EAGALA as an Equine Specialist to facilitate Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. She was Miss Rodeo Alaska 2017 and had the opportunity to travel across the United States riding a variety of horses, doing public speaking, and helping the continuation of the western way of life. Michailia enjoys partnering with horses of all different backgrounds and helping them pair up with people to gain not just horsemanship skills, but to embrace the life lessons horses have to teach us. In her free time, she spends time with her personal horses and family, goes to rodeos, volunteers with various groups, hikes, and enjoys country dancing. Her life dream is to have an at-risk youth ranch that offers Equine Assisted Therapy, horsemanship and work skills sessions, offers a place for rescued horses, as well as an environment of peace, love, and healing for all who enter the ranch.

Brooke White

Brooke was a High School Rodeo California contestant and has an extensive background and championship titles in Roping, Barrel Racing, and Rodeo. Brooke is very kind and makes horseback riding lessons fun. Brooke is a local Californian and was previously on the Fresno State Rodeo Team. Brooke is studying Ag Management in College and is a great asset to the Wonder Valley Ranch Resort team. Brook has worked at Wonder Valley for over a year and is happy to help you with your lessons!

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